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emo Brakes

25 Mar 2012 13:39 #13072

Any one got any idea's how I can get my rear brake drums off?
No visible screws or any thing. Wheel studs look like they are fixed to the drum.
Tried to shift the cap on the centre to see if I could use a puller but it is stuck solid.

first side
Managed to get the cap off but may have to get new ones. >:(
1broken screwdriver and a hole in the cap now.
Looks like I have to remove a split pin, castle nut and then use a puller to get the drum off.
Probably the same as a Mira/Coure as they are all same parent company.

Subaru R2
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26 Mar 2012 09:56 #13085

Ooohhh that doesn't sound like fun at all.

Highly recommend giving your local euro car parts a call, they tend to be a lot cheaper (sometimes not a named brand) but they do stock some parts for kei cars (they've always got copen stuff).

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26 Mar 2012 13:16 #13094

Not sure but if they are the same as most then its just a case of removing pin, removing nut, release handbrake, and pull the drum off.

However on some occasions if the drum is to stiff and wont just pull off, you may need to hit the drum on the edges aiming  slightly outwards(with a mallet), then turn the drum and do it again,and repeat as neccersarry untill its moved and can be pulled off using your hands

On another note i have found others which are the same but have had a retaining screw in the drum(between 2 of the stud holes)

Hope that helps dude :thumb:

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