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emo Vivio problem and updates!

22 Dec 2014 15:15 #23332

Man, if the rx-r engine could be swapped easily and it fit the manual gearbox i could be intrested in it, or even in all the car :P

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24 Jan 2015 16:07 #23559

Well, the red RX-R is really very rare. If this is the only turbochargerd version you have, this desires to be rebuilt. Also full time 4WD is something special as the normal 4WD can not be used full time - it is missing a one more differential so the wheels break without slippery road when turning.

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20 Jul 2016 21:54 #26198

Time for an update!!!!
After a lot of time (I mean a loooottttt) I decided that the little red GX-R deserved a proper restoration, using new or immaculate parts, so I stripped it down to a bare shell and threw everything that was dented or damaged to one side. It's now sitting a bit bare in a garage awaiting it's low mileage donor car to come in from the japland!

Then i decided that the pile of interesting vivio parts needed to go somewhere, so cue the rebuild of Ren! Who is now a complete track ready hybrid manual gxr machine, still on her old stickers, still the only mcrae wrc replica, but now with a bit more power, a lot less weight and a hell of a lot of jdm parts!...

And some complete custom brakes, which are the dogs!!!

Another vivio came and went, I got hold of a black one as a last ditch attempt at saving my little yellow one! Sadly I decided to crash the manga machine into a roundabout quite spectacularly, ripping her rear diff clean off. We somehow repaired her, but the damage triggered a massive rust overthrow of her underside. After replacing her cills, rear quarters, and every other conceivable part, she was still falling apart faster than I could pick the pieces up, so sadly she is no more. She's heading over to a very lucky two year olds back garden!

And thats pretty much it! Expect another update in September after Rens first track event, should be mad!!!

Oh, and I'll add some pics when I finally get on the computer!!

"Yes, I may only be 18, but I've still ripped apart and rebuilt more Vivio's than you... and you!"

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