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emo Accidental Alto works owner

21 Jun 2017 12:06 #26689


My name is David From Dr kuruma ltd we import cars from japan and one of the most recent I took over was a modified suzuki alto rsz ltd edition turbo 4WD/ with the intention of selling it however ive got a slight crush on the little car and have been chatting to people about modifieng it so Im going to start I have already compiled a shopping list and any help and suggestions would be greatly appriciated. My practical skills are limited and I have not done much in the past other than bits on my old zed hydraulic rear wheel steering was my major and toook me three days lol, but between my sister and i we have decided to get all of what we need and have a go ourselves do as much as we can, with help from forums and reading online The idea is to produce a fast little car to use as a demo promotional car for shows etc and general fun.

my list so far is as follows any suggestions tweaks please help
Im told the stock engine internals is good up to around 170 is this correct?.

Service kit Timing belt water pump tensioners etc does the cappacino one fit?..
CT9 Turbo
295cc injectors
NGK 9 spark plugs
Aliminum radiator
ECU what do i need?..
oil cooler
fuel pump from skyline or similar
boost controller
exhaust intake ( do i need to get one fabricated or is there one off the shelf or another car that will fit or take less modification)
exhaust any suggestions I was thinking side exit.


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04 Jul 2017 12:31 #26708

Saw this car on Ebay and nearly bought it, but as i already have one i thought to better leave it lol. Theres parts availible but not as cheap as you might expect and some have 28day back order! Is it a F6A? If it is then Cappachino parts dont fit as they are K6A so twin cam rather then out sohc. Let me know everything you do, and contact me if you need help as i want to play with mine a bit to :D

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08 Jul 2017 10:28 #26717

Hello There Altorqueuk Where abouts are you based?..

only just Noticed your reply now Its The F6A engine and its still on eBay its us thats selling it however ive developed a soft spot for it so im not really bothered if it sells or not now plus i have bigger plans for it :). I have just ordered a timing belt kit from Japan, I am looking for a brake upgrade what options do i have ?.. Now ive done a good bit of reading and am i right in thinking the block is good for around the 170bhp mark ?.. I plan on starlet ct9 turbo 295cc njectors uprated fuel pump can you recoment one?.. front mount intercooler, radiator replacement, Il need t find someone to do a intake for me i would like to do a side exit exhaust I am guessing I will need a stand alone ecu as well once finished, what parts from other cars in the uk will fit do you know ?.. Ive also read its a bugger to change the breaks any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated cheers.


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11 Jul 2017 16:11 #26723

Hi mate i havent looked into the tuning side except the big end. 200bhp at the wheels with a shot of nos that Motec did in japan. That was 720cc, dry shot of nos and a standalone ecu. I would imagine theres quite alot of supoorting mods for it and dont think it would last too long lol

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17 Jul 2017 17:16 #26726

Ive seen this one before now that really would be fun not sure my budget will see us that far but i have accounted for a stand alone in this got my injectors this morning still waiting on timing belt kit as needs full service before we start any mods at all ive found a guy with a turbo too :).

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18 Jul 2017 12:34 #26727

Well keep me updated, especially when it comes to brakes as i would like to track my car, but no chance with the standard brakes!

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18 Jul 2017 17:58 #26728

I will do its going to be a very slow process as i can barely find time to take off work at the moment :( best i have seen so far would be Tarrox discs and pads for the cappuccino but im unsure if they fit were there's a will there's a way and the car is light so probaby just a caliper upgrade would be sufficiant. has anyone got a timing belt and water pump guide for me as that should be here within next week or so and want to change that and the radiator and turn up the boost have a little fun. I have a question for anyone that knows the stock gearbox how much does it limit the top end speed by ?.

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