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emo Hello, Kei Kar fan, possible owner

23 Nov 2014 19:44 #23107

Hello folks,

im a bit of a fan of kei cars. Ive recently decided I might just have to put my plan into action.
Ive alway like the beat and avanzatos as well as works alto's, im sure there are loads others ive never seen. We nearly bought a cappuccino once but I was guzuumped! Ended up with a mx-5 and the moment passed.
Ive lusted after a Daihatsu Cuore from the days when area 52 did a black one for a hill climb on retro rides forums and also the mighty car mods guys do so much with cuores.

My ultimate would be to convert a uk cuore to mira gino looks along with some mods of my own.
My main dilemma is that after years of playing with mx-5's ive currently been doing up a 198o's polo saloon. Problem is I love the retro looks but not the retro engineering or the dub scene. In fact i cant believe the engineering in vw's of this period when compared to Mazda and honda's of the day - resting on laurels etc.

I do like my polo, but my thirst for a cuore just wont go away.
I know what I want to do with it generally but as ive already got one project car, im having trouble quantifying having another and also space is an issue.

That being said, my daily is a 2 seat car (mini coupe) and my polo isnt what I want to take my kids in.
Also apart from the great guys at club polo, i really dont like the vw scene and therefore the shows.

A 3 door cuore without any rust is my target (manual) but 5 door cars are so much more plentiful, have a couple of extra features and would mean in a pinch I can get the kids in to run around. Not sure ive convinced myself from a looks perspective.

Not sure ill convince my wife though.

Ive already located parts for a turbo conversion of the 1.0 3 pot! Also suspensions changes hasve been planned and suppliers of parts located. (for some reason the thought of a 1.0 turbo with the sound of a 3 cylinder make me smile).

Hopefully ill talk myself into it and a decent cuore will come available, and maybe see you all in the park!



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23 Nov 2014 19:55 #23108

Hello and welcome JC, hopefully you'll be able to find the cuore of your dreams soon.

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24 Nov 2014 19:22 #23113

Hi JC, Welcome to KKITP.

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24 Nov 2014 21:54 #23114

Hi there and welcome B)

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