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06 Jun 2018 13:46 #27147

So I bought a 850cc Daihatsu Move from a friend, the 850 engine had some work done to it but the piston rings where gone completely on it so smoked out wherever it was.

I was given a reasonably good condition Perouda Kenari, getting it on 23,000 miles I thought it was a great car!

Before getting the Move I had ideas of doing a swap of some sorts into a different car and making more power out of it. I liked the chassis of the move with it being fully independent suspension all the way round.

The car came lowered on some imported coil-overs that had it sitting really low, was happy with this for a start.
The wheels had been painted in metallic black, not that its my favourite colour but i thought it was a nice touch to the car.

So I started off by thinking what parts that I would require to do the swap, starting with the basics! I needed to make sure that the engine would survive the swap entirely, so I have ordered new gaskets for all of the engine, apart from the head gasket as it does not require this yet.

Going through the process of painting the bay, going for a purple colour that really pops! Primer, Colour And Clear Coat on top.

Painted I think it Looks Sick!! Thanks to Alex For doing it!

The Engine was then stripped down so that all the parts could be sprayed, once they where sprayed they where then put back on, with a new genuine Perouda Cam Belt.

Then with the help of a friend called Ben, we took off the 1L gearbox and installed the new clutch and the fly wheel from the 850cc engine. This went really well and managed to get it done in a evening after work.

We got it all done and put onto the sub frame, then we put it on a old trolley and wheeled it into the garage where the car was.

Then I started getting the loom out of the perouda, with the help of Alex we got the loom out and the hole thing labelled up and out and ready to strip out the loom from the Move is well. That of which I'm not looking forward to doing, if anyone has any ideas on what I will need to do that would be great as not 100% sure on what parts of each loom I am going to have to use.

Now its just a waiting game so that I can finish rebuilding the engine with Ben, with a 3 week waiting list to get the gaskets from Malaysia from Perouda, they are on back order so the project is on hold at the moment.

Taking the opportunity for me to order some cool parts to go inside of the Move Build.

Ordered Parts are as follows

Fuel Pressure Reg
Purple Towing Strap
Jap Plates
501 Side Light Bulbs
Takata Harnesses (Already Arrived)
Recaro DC2 Seats (Already had from old Project)
New JDM Spec Kenwood Radio
NRG Neochrome Steering Wheel
Purple Gear Knob
Induction Kit Managed to find one from a Daihatsu Coure that will fit.

Will Keep You all update as the build goes on.

Cheers Olly

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07 Jun 2018 04:03 #27151

Great work so far. Looking forward to seeing this progress.

Definitely going to keep an eye on it!

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07 Jun 2018 07:31 #27152


Will keep you updated on it as I progress!

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