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emo Daihatsu Charade L251 Build

29 Jan 2019 20:14 #27448

Hello All,

I've been on the site for a little time whilst my interest in Kei cars has developed, I had been looking for a mira chassis car for a while L5** and L7**; however recently I purchased a quaint little silver 3 door Charade L251.

Unfortunately I haven't got any worthwhile exterior pics yet, I'm very busy with my studies and such. I will however get some at the weekend!

Car has done a little over 95k which is on the higher end of the mileage for these little Kei cars but the car itself seems quite OK, I'll verify the mileage at the weekend also (for my benefit).

Exterior is OK, damaged offside wing and missing offside wing mirror cover

Interior not too bad.

I am somewhat influenced by the Japanese scene for these, little wheels and lows are pretty much required and from that onward anything goes.

Short/Medium Term plans are;

- Fit deep dish suede steering wheel ( This I have done, not sure what boss I have used though as I have a large selection, most likely an ebay special for a hilux was used; although cant confirm)
- Stereo (fortunately came with a sound bluetooth getup, seems good although the driver speaker doesn't work so I'll look into this)
- Mad lows (obviously) - Have spoken to the builder of the only other UK L251 I can find, that is lowered on coilovers; apparently copen coilovers fit however these aren't cheap and therefore I will not be pursuing this direction. However he has told me that some MK2 fiat punto coilovers can be used for the front, induces massive positive camber so ill have to find out how he rectified this. As for the rear it may be c*****d springs for the moment.
- I don't have any mad JDM wheels unfortunately, id love some starsharks or something on the more obscure end of the wheel spectrum; I do however have some mediocre 14" 3 spokes which will suffice!
- JDM plates front and rear, which I have and will be fitting in due course along with my rear adjustable number plate angling device type thing, and my customary white heart tsurikawa.

Longer Term plans;

To be revealed in due course!

Hope you'll enjoy the build process and the development of the car!


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03 Feb 2019 21:33 #27451

Sounds like a good buy! Always been into the L251 Mira/Charades. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

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26 Nov 2019 08:40 #27631

Hey dude, how have you got on finding springs or coilovers as I've not long bought an L251 Charade as well and looking at getting it lowered but other than Malaysia where they won't ship to the UK I'm struggling to find any parts.

Found H&R springs that supposedly fit but they're silly expensive.

I'm doing the same with going deep dish wheel so might try that hilux boss you mentioned unless you know it was a different one?

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