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emo Kei Monster??

17 Jan 2018 07:27 #26953

Hey there,

I'm from Malaysia and have been 'stuck' with daihatsu engine (especially EF series/ ED series/ EJ series and K3 Series) for almost 11 years now. I'd love to move on to bigger engines but it seems like the kei car scene in Malaysia is getting crazy recently then I guess I should stay. Plus, it's pretty easy to find performance parts for daihatsu engine around here (like h-beam rods for jb series, forged pistons for various types of daihatsu engines, turbo manifolds etc.).

Does anybody around here have built a any massive power kei cars without doing a ridiculous engine swap?
Feel free to share with me your experience and ideas :)

The fastest kancil in Malaysia was recorded to finish a quarter mile in 11.89 seconds @ 224 km/h

Checkout my friends' monsters below


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18 Jan 2018 20:11 #26956

hey there, there isn’t really any many kei monster in the uk really, I’m hoping on building my l5 with ejde block and gear box with ef head, but unfortunately you guys have all the parts and info haha

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19 Jan 2018 08:21 #26958

If you wanna build 1 then I guess I may share with you a little bit of info on upgrading your ef..
nice looking L5 anyway :) :)

if u wanted to squeeze all the power out from your stock block here's what you might need:
- Mildly port on the head (both intake & exhaust)
- Higher duration on camshaft (U might ask Turbodottcom if they have the part there) 272/272 is quite enough for daily driven engine
- 72mm pistons from Nissan March or from daihatsu ej-de (as long as they have same pin sizes)
- metal head gasket (recommended thickness is around 1.5mm above)
- 240cc injectors from any 1.6 mitsubshi engines or 275cc injectors from mitsu 6a12tt(quite hard to find) or else, 1jz 310cc injectors.
- fuel regulator and 255lph f/pump(u have to make a return pipe back to your tank from your f/rail bcause I believe efrl dont have one)
- any lancer evo throttle body is a bonus ( u have to use the 4 wires TPS from the throttle body too and link it with e-manage or s-afc or any piggyback unit you're using)
- custom intake manifold (u can buy it from turbodottcom)
- custom turbo manifold( turbodottcom have it too)
- a little upgrade on your oil pump

Here is the most interesting part:
TURBO - my suggestions

- Td04-09 from mitsubishi 4d56 (very responsive on low to mid RPM and u can boost up to 1.5bar easily - Quite torquey)
- TD04L from subaru or 4G93T with TD04-09 turbine housing (laggy a bit but things about to get serious - at this point u will lose your traction on your 2nd gear @ 5500rpm to 7500rpm and when u shift to 3rd, make sure you have a good grip on your steering wheel because your car is about to show you it's real potential, boost range is around 2.00 - 2.5bar because if you're running below than 1.3 bar u will feel pretty much nothing)
-and of course, an external wastegate (38mm is ideal)

I did this setup once on my friend's Efrl and the result is great with 2.3 bar of boost (but never dyno it because he don't have a piggyback running on and we did this with stock ecu - I don't recommend this)

If you're looking for parts, here's a link to turbodottcom (trusted seller):

* the owner name is Yusoff and tell him ATTA (pronounced as are-tar) recommend you to go to him and see if you get special prices :)
I hope you will make your dream came true on building your kei monster :)

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20 Jan 2018 19:42 #26960

Thanks for help, my plan was Carrillo rods, forged pistons 73-75mm pistons, uprated bearings, need that info on oil pump and what other mods are needed for edje block, thicker head gasket, line u say port&polish, camshaft, stronger head bolts, custom inlet with 70mm throttle body, exhaust mani, was looking at Garrett ball bearing turbos possibly gt25, need to find a lsd which fits gearbox.

Car wise up rating to copen (246mm discs) and bigger rear drums (4x100 aswell) also need to find someone who deals with ultra racing strut bracing

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22 Jan 2018 09:37 #26965

I like the idea on your internal parts choice (carillo and forged pistons). There are a lot of carillo rods you can find in Malaysia but the only thing i concerned the most is no one can guarantee that they are selling the genuine carillo rods. This is why I chose 4age rods from ae86 rods. Its not a plug n play item btw but its worth it (so far I guess).

for the oil pump:
- wash clean the oil pump gear and polish it using paper (newspaper sheet is preferable - never do this with sandpaper)
- there is a small pin where u can see a small washer blocked by the pin. the oil pump pressure spring is place underneath the small washer. U have to pull the pin and place the washer upside down and put it back in place.
- the idea is to make the pressure spring is slightly pressed (do not add more washer or your oil filter will explode - I did this mistake before)
- If u are using oil press gauge u can see the oil press is increase. We did this because the length of your oil line might be increase when u put on a banana manifold or even different type of turbo (its important to keep sufficient oil running on your turbine shaft).

-GT25 is a brilliant choice but u have to remember if youre using the original turbine housing (AR 0.64 - t25) its quite impossible to
spool it on mid range rpm even youre running on ej-de stroke. ( I did this but the result is 3rd gear- 0.6bar @ 6500rpm)
-The solution is to find the RB26DETT turbine housing which came with AR0.48 - t25. (way better but i never go overboost with this turbo because I did this only for my research purpose)

* Hideous looking engine bay btw (its because during this time we haven't finalize our setup just yet - my engine bay is purple now :) )

as for the block:
Since the EJDE is not a turbocharged engine,there are a few breather holes u might have add in order to release more pressure produced by high pressure combustion (I'm about to start an new project soon and I will show you where to add more breather holes)

*I used the ED crankshaft & pump because its 500gm lighter than the EJ crank & also to match the belt with single cam 12v head -single cam valve size is slightly bigger than the twincams.

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22 Jan 2018 17:34 #26966

Thanks again attansenna and updates would be great

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03 Jun 2018 00:10 #27141

Hey mate just seeing if had any updates cheers

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