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emo So many daft questions!

19 Apr 2017 20:32 #26614

Hey, I have a huge to-do list for my L512 Cuore Avanzato and I'm getting confused about almost everything on it! :)

Brakes - I need discs and pads. Looked easy at first, but now I'm baffled; there's the EBC set that show up in a few places, they're listed as 234mm vented. I was just about to order a set but then I saw on here there's some people who've said they didn't fit. Is that just because they're for the 4WD not the 2WD or something? Have people actually had much luck with them or does everyone use something else?

Spark Plugs - the independent place I got it serviced couldn't find any. According to here and the service history BKUR7EK is the proper one, but seems to be a bit of a difficult one to find here. Would a dealer have these, or should I be looking at importing? Also should I try the NGK Iridium alternatives, and do I need the BKR7EIX (0.8mm) or the BKR7EIX-11 (1.1mm) if I go down that route?

Aux Belt - again, they couldn't find any. Before I order it from half way around the world, is there anything here that it'd be the same as?

Suspension bushes - they're knackered. Especially the one that goes between the anti-roll bar and the lower control arm. It looks like there's some generic stuff for the regular 0.8 ones that some motorfactors list, which look to be the same, are they?

Is there a dealer out there who might have some of this stuff and maybe not be so rude as the one I tried to speak to?

(oh, and to have one extra dumb point, I thought these were cam chain & the copen was cam belt, but it looks like there's a receipt for a cambelt change, am I mistaken or has the previous owner been ripped off?)

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19 Apr 2017 20:54 #26615

Best to measure the discs . Seems to be a few sets on ebay for them. Blueprint list them also. As for plugs I got ngk copper core heat range 7. They the same as many japense turbo cars use.
As for the aux belt. The length is wrote on them . Any motor factors can get hold of them .
As for bushes I have no idea. They nearly universal on most cars so measure them and ones off another model should do.
They are timing chain.
Hope I'm some help .

I'm also looking for parts for mine and there a nightmare to get bits for

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20 Apr 2017 20:48 #26616

hah, so I'm not crazy then! Must have been an aux belt :)

Going to have to gamble and just start buying stuff and see if it fits, I think!

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22 Apr 2017 00:56 #26617

JB-DET auxiliary from a more common 0.6L L880 Daihatsu Copen fits.

Brake parts are very difficult it seems. Panther, EBC, National etc all say they list pads/discs for the L512 Avanzato, but nobody on here has had any success with them. I've got a feeling that the Blue Print ones are the closest fit, but as previously mentioned, it would be worth measuring up before hand just to make sure.

In terms of spark plugs, I'm running Denso Iridium IK27 plugs and they work a treat.

I believe rollbar bushes are the same as the UK spec 0.8L Cuore.

Don't worry about a cambelt. These use a timing chain. ;)

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