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emo The Ruins of Rytus - Shameless plug

22 May 2016 15:42 #26068

Apologies for the shameless plug, but one of the reasons I've not been around as much as I used to is because I've finally ticked another box on my bucket list. I wrote my first novel! Huzzah! :lol:

The series is called, The Ruins of Rytus, and the first novel is called: Part One - Residuum of Ravenstone.

An 'Epic High Fantasy,' the series, 'The Ruins of Rytus,' charts the decadence of a once great nation, Rytus. Among the temples, sacrifices, and traditions of old, 'Residuum of Ravenstone,' follows the stories of six blood gens, traditionally defined by their blood colour, as they come of age, learn the truth of their ancestors lies, and break away from the definition of their blood.

When the smoke had cleared, all that remained of Ravenstone lay in ruin. Among the ash and glowing embers, stood a single Red Blood's sword, on end, as if thrust into the mountain side by the gods themselves. Cast in the volcanic rock, it became a testament to the power of the gods and their antipathy of betrayal.

The sword was quickly forgotten by all but a few. However, the echoes of Ravenstone’s destruction continued to ripple through the generations that followed. Rytus rose from the ashes, but now its foundations burn. Will the gods forgive her sins a second time?

'Residuum of Ravenstone' is the first book in the series 'The Ruins of Rytus' by Emily Reading. Discover the six blood gens as they learn the truth. Watch them rise from the cinders of their ancestor's lies; as the world they thought they knew, crumbles around them.

From the ashes, Rytus will rise again, but who will ignite the fire?

suus 'in sanguine tuo | It's in your blood

It's available on Amazon as well as smashwords, Lulu and quite a few other good book stores :) If you know anyone who would be interested in reading it please pass on my details. There's a sample of the series on the website www.RuinsofRytus.com

Thank you for your time.

Author of The Ruins of Rytus Series
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22 May 2016 15:58 #26069

And I can highly recommend it. It really is awesome!

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