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emo Advice on outdoor car storage over winter

09 Oct 2014 15:50 #22794

I'm thinking of getting a second car. I can't bring myself to sell my Copen, so I'm looking at keeping it off the road for 6 months over the winter. I've never stored a car before so I'm after some advice.
I have no space where I live but my wife's mum has a small bit of lawn it could go on.
I'm not keen on the idea of it sitting over damp grass though. So I'm thinking of laying down a large thick tarpaulin sheet. With four square slabs on top that the tyres will sit on with some tyre saver blocks.

Then I was going to get as nice four layer breathable fitted car cover.

On the inside I'd put some of those moisture absorbing things you get for caravans.

Any thoughts or advice?

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09 Oct 2014 16:08 #22795

If you can find a small portable garage that will fit I'd recommend one of them if you have it on grass(can wind the pegs into the ground to secure it properly)

I've never been a fan of car covers as they rub ever so slightly which was enough to start to wear through the paint on edges(spoilers, boot, arches, ect)

The moisture bags are an excellent idea but make sure you keep drying them out/replacing them as the car will still get mold/mildew inside otherwise.

And yeah covering the floor is the most important as even with my garage on type 1(compacted gravel) moisture still rises up under the car :(

I'm going to be looking at a few sheets of marine ply to put under my new bB to keep all moisture out :)

And conpletely off topic for the garages...but what's the new car? :P

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09 Oct 2014 16:25 #22797

After seeing one at this year meet I'm looking at a Nissan PAO (pronounced pow). I was also thinking of an AZ-1 too. I got an estimate for one imported & on the road in condition 3.5, B interior & exterior in red for £7K. I've decided to go for the PAO though.
There are are a couple on ebay but none in the condition I want. There is one on the way from Japan but I have very limited information on it. I have a good lead on another one from an owner on the Nissan PAO owners Facebook group who is thinking of selling. Which sounds promising.

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09 Oct 2014 16:55 #22799

We always disconnect the battery, leave the hand brake off (but leave it in gear), run it up to temp once a month, maybe take it for a quick drive around the farm yard and give it a full service before recomissioning in spring.

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09 Oct 2014 17:19 #22800

Totally forgot bout those Em (^_^)

I remember the 1st time I stored a car I left hand brake on n spent hours trying to free the rear wheels lol.

Oh very nice I'll keep my eyes peeled on the forum for your future acquisition

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