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emo The whole 3.6 yards

29 Oct 2012 10:40 #16339

Sunday 11th December 2011

Amassed some parts for another stint at the garage :)

Namely N2 ECU, 295cc injectors and gaskets to do the tubby. 

Another little niggle I have had recently is the inability to fill my tank fully for some reason.  Some kind of air lock in the tank would stop you getting more than two thirds of a tank in there at a time.  I had read on here that the filler can get a bit rusty and block up, but when we checked it it was all ok.

I think the poblem lies with the breather pipe, which I believe runs back to the carbon canister, so it could be that at fault, or the metal lines have rusted away.  Had more important things to do, so left that for another day and moved on.

Removed the all the gubbins.

While the manifold was off I noticed that there where alot of steps and lips in the castings around the ports, so I decided to gently port match the manifold so the gaskets lined up better.

Also did the head ports.

While the cat was off.....it would be rude not to :)

I also found another lip at the bottom flange of the cat too.

Ground it down.

I fancied tiding up the rusty iron look to the exhaust components.  I would have gone red but used it all on the brakes, although I had some VHT "silver" paint to hand so used that up

Actually looks more grey than silver IMO but its tidier than rust at least :)

While the tubby was off I think we discovered the real reason my boost isn't as stable as I like and why I only get 9psi when run purley off the actuator :(

4 cracks in total, you can just make the fourth one out following the outter circle of the wastegate seal.  Most likely down to previous owners not letting things cool off propperly before turning the enigne off :) So a matching tubby for the N2 will be coming sooner than thought.

Got it all bolted back together ready to refit.

Manifold back on minus heat shield due to snapped bolts

The whole underside of my car, including any and all components apart from things I have touched, is coved in a thick layer of tar like underseal.......or rust :)  Even things like the aluminium exhaust heat shield got it.

So while it was off I gave it a dam good scrubbing and it came up like this.

The rest of the exhaust system had a few blows on the welds and  missing gaskets, so we did what we could for now

Refitted all of it.

Then on to the injectors and ECU.  Old and new next to each other.

Popped in

And the results?  She sounds an octave meaner now, and idles camly. strangely sounds a bit more content with herself ;D  All the engine noise now actually exits through the tail pipe, which is nice :)  I have yet to take advantage of adjusting the boost up to its full potential, which I will most likely do later today, but she easily went off the clock on the way home :P  All in all, I'm pleased with the days work.

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29 Oct 2012 10:41 #16340

Sunday 18th December 2011

Time for your weekly fill.  Unfortunately noting too exciting has been going on. 

I Had a few issues with the injector seals perishing and they have been in and out 3 times.  Now they are all fitted with the seals from the old injectors and all seems well.  While this had been going on somehow the little plastic cap that goes on the end on the idle control valve had dislodged itself and started to make sucking sound that left me scratching my head for a few days wondering where it was coming from.  Thankfully its all fixed and back to normal :)

I did grab a picture of my 6x9's though.  Not as pretty as a Garage John or similar, but they sound good :)

Recently I had also noticed that my two of my tyres seemed to have given up holding air for any decent amount of time.  They have a fair amount of tread left on them but on close inspection all the side walls had age cracks and a chunk or two missing from bad parking from previous owners.  I do want new wheels, but as we are in the middle of winter I decided just to get a set of cheapy tyres to get me though to spring time.  I think I may have also managed to wrangle them as a work expense, which makes it sound better when I tell you I spent £180 on something called primewells (who? :)).

They are black, rubbery and round  :P  They're also 185 section and 60 profile as opposed to the 55s that were on there.  You may also note from that shot that I have removed my rear mudguards for now as one had some damage on it.

Friends following me had noticed that my lights had a slight flicker to them so I also spent some time re routing and cleaning earths.  My roof still seemed to be leaking, I'm starting to think this may be why carbon roof panels are such a popular modification in Japan :) So I spent a bit more time playing with the seals, mainly at the ends.  Its rained quite a bit last night so I will check shortly ;)

And finally I also bought myself some............mainly for the grammatically incorrect Japanese name ;D...............Piaa Hyper Dimple Super LED 501's for my sidelights.



They dont seem to fully light the casing up for some reason possibly due to the daytime picture, but are much less yellow and emit a nice white light so I am happy.  I have also added some Piaa H1 and H3 bulbs to my Christmas list so they'll be joining the lighting party at the front shortly (hammer)

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29 Oct 2012 10:42 #16341

Tuesday 27th December 2011

Well over the festive season I seemed to have acquired a few more Cappuccino related goodies :)

I bought myself a catch tank

Looks like this out the box, red of course :)

And I happily got these rear discs for Christmas as my current ones have a nice groove in them

To go with them I have ordered some Black Diamond Predator pads all round and some new front discs too, although they have not turned up just yet.  These did though

So I can wait to get that little lot on  :D

Another present I got was a set of new wheel nuts that dont give the appearnce of my car looking like a scythed chariot as per the current ones.  I asked for either black or red ones.....can you guess?  yes  :P......

Just to show the depth difference between old and new

And fitted

I was going to hold off fitting them until I got a new set of wheels, but I think they make a nice subtle change all on their own  ;)

And as also mentioned earlier, I got these

Daytime comparison shots didn't really help though  ::)  Still took some though :P



Not an amazing difference, so I tried to get my passenger to get a shot when we went out for a spin in the evening, but the shutter speed was too slow for a decent shot :(

They light up the road much better than before.

Afterwards I did manage to get a nice dark head on shot for you.

Thanks for looking :)

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29 Oct 2012 10:43 #16342

Sunday 15th January 2012

Time for the first propper update of 2012.

It nearing 3,000 miles since I bought her, so she had her second oil change in my ownership.

And then we got on with doing the brakes.  Here are the old fronts

Still had a bit of life left in them but I thought I may aswell change them too

Newies (mucky paw prints were cleaned off after :))

Brake lines on the front went smoothly...

Rear set up

The rear lines didn't play ball and the left side rounded off.  The next join on the pipe looked like its tucked nicely up out the way, so we left it how it was for now and will try and fix it when i drop the subframe and tank to attack the rust.

Got my catch tank fitted

Close up of the routing chosen, sadly no red hoses that size to hand....at the moment :)

Which also meant I could loose the pipes at the front and blocked off the take offs left

And now the bay looks a bit like this.  Also note I have removed the hook for the engine crane to tidy it up a bit.  Will keep hold of it in a safe place and pop it on if I ever need to take the engine out.

And now time for another subtle mod.......

My old reversing light had seen better days

So I got some new mesh, removed the old ones.  Then I fitted nice new mesh that doesnt have a hole on the middle :)  After that was done I then mounted the new lights behind the mesh, Handily mounting them on the chassis rails :)  It was getting dark  but looks a bit like this:



Will try and grab some daylight shots for you all soon :)  C ya!

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29 Oct 2012 10:44 #16343

Sunday 5th February 2012

Went down the garage to start of my rust repairs on Saturday, which started by removing this

And my fuel tank and the carpet so we could takle the worst, but by no means the only bit to do

The old repair inside was removed, and it was cut out in sections and new metal tacked in to keep some strength

Unfortunately while the carpet was out we noticed some holes at the front of the footwell too and more dodgy repairs that will need attention :(

Same on the passenger side too

but no time for that today.  While the subrafme assembly was out I gave it a quick wire bush to remove the loose rust

Then a quick coat of Por 15

As welding would be occuring we removed the tank to reveal yet more surface rust and a few small patches (50p in size) that need to be addressed.

Slowly started to build up the inner and outer floor pans

Unsure of the correct discription of the arms, but the bushes where shot, the bolts holding them on snapped when we tried to remove them and the Remanence of the bolts had rusted itself to the bushes on both sides.  We removed the bush and tidied the arms up.

More Por 15

Now it was getting quite late in the evening now and we had brought nothing with us to replace the knacked bushes.  Ingenuity and a bit of luck prevailed.  Handily a mk1 Cortina is undergoing a long term restoration at the garage and had a selection of yet unfitted poly bushes, one set of which fitted lovely and snuggly into the arms without removing the outter metal sheath of the old bush :)

Now we ended up spending a long saturday night getting this sorted and inveitably this happened.....

This is the fuel tank outside as we was welding

For some reason, possibly cos it was so cold we ended spending all night doing this and ended up driving home in the snow well past 5am.  As you can imagine we were very tired and very cold.  We ended up not getting any more pictures, but I can tell you we finished off the rear of the floor, but didn't dress the welds and propperly finish up.  The car was refitted with just a drivers seat, no carpet and the bare essentials to get me home and to work next week and we will be continuting the saga next weekend.  Hopefully things should come apart a bit easier second time round.

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29 Oct 2012 10:44 #16344

Sunday 12th February 2012

This is where we got too last week.  As you can see we ony had time to give it a quick covering with primer and the salt on the road is already doing a good job at turning it back into rust again!

So we made a start with the wire brush and grinder to tidy the welds up

The floor was slowly starting to come back together too

Nearly there

Tidied the welds a bit then added some tiger seal and lots of Por 15 and when it was all done it looked like this

Meanwhile, the tank got taken back to bare metal

The seam still had some rusty bits that the wire brushes just wouldn't get off so any questionable areas were coated in this

Then more Por 15

Everything ended up with a coating of it, including us, the prop

Even the seat frames

And the subframe got its second coat, although I still managed to miss a few bits :(

Back under the car more rust was attacked and metal readied

There were four little patches to do under here, a pair on the inside of each chassis leg like the picture....

......and two little patches above the subframe mounts on each side.

Then more Tiger Seal and Por 15 until it looked like this

Everything came apart alot easier the second time round and we had reached this stage by 9pm. 

Lines back in place

Unfourtunatley though the paint took forever to dry in this cold even with a heat gun helping it along so we had alot of standing about waiting. Eventually we started to assemble when it was a bit tacky still.  Here is the tank back in place complete with fingerprints :)

And finally the subframe.

We got back a bit earlier than last week, but it was still a fair old slog.  Thats the main bit of my rust addressed now, but there is still the matter of the sills, the front of the floorplans on both sides and a bit of rust behind the bumper, so I'm sure they'll be many more days like this to come :)

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29 Oct 2012 10:44 #16345

Saturday 3rd March 2012

Small update.  I ordered myself a new distributor cap and rotor arm, and a new alternator belt to replace my slightly squeeky old one which all got fitted today.  I also got hold of a take off front lip from Lord , thank you very much.  I fitted it today and its a great fit it slipped on so well that it held itself in place without any fixings. 

Some test fitting

I fixed it propperly and added a few new supports and to be sure though :)

It was just meant to be a test fit, but I was so pleased with it I've left it on.  It will get painted eventually, but I dont think it looks to bad as it is for now.

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29 Oct 2012 10:45 #16346

Wednesday 14th March 2012

Guess what? 

[Gameshow Voiceover]  IIIIIIIITS  WELDING TIME!!! [Gameshow Voiceover/]

Before we get started let me just show you my gear oil lid masquerading as a bung

Oh dear......

Here is the passenger side.  On the face of it just surface rust yes?


[Gameshow Voiceover] THAAAAATS RIGHT, YOU'VE WON SOME MORE RUST, WOO!!! [Gameshow Voiceover/]

And so it went on, who ever welded this car needs shooting.....in the face......in front of his family :)

Got it in a workable state


Fixing some more


Painted inside

Then plated

Got painted outside when it was finished too, but forgot to get pics.

I think it best your on first name terms with my welder and mechanic due to the amount of work he is putting in.  He is called Dal :)  While Dal was busy doing that I decided to take my filler cap off as it had surface rust on the inside.  I ended up removing all the paint back to bare metal treated it and have painted it in satin black with a small dash of laquer.

The car does need a repaint, and it slowly does seem to be turning black.  Damn sight better than rust brown though!

Thanks for looking :)

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29 Oct 2012 10:47 #16347

Sunday 1st April 2012

Just a little update this week.  Kei dropped off some JDM spec clear side repeaters the other day.  After some cutting, soldering of wires, some mounting point adjustments as they are slightly different to the UK ones, I got them fitted.

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29 Oct 2012 10:49 #16348

Saturday 7th April 2012

Finished up the welding on the passenger side.

Then tidied the welds and added lots of seam sealer.....

And lots of Por 15 :)

Finished it off by tieing the whole area together (notice its starting to go black?:))

I also carried on with more Por 15 in the wheel arches to complete the rear end protection

Underneath got a similar treatment

I prepped the inside of the the fuel cap area too.

Then it went black.

I also decided to change the filler cap from matt black to a Volkswagen Orca Schwartz black.  It looks like this most of the time

But when the sun hits it you get a slight gold tinge to it, best captured by me in this blurry photo pre laquer.

I also started but didn't finish the boot in Por 15

And then got on with prepping the roof panels

In paint and laquer, although still a bit flat and orange peely

So I Wet sanded them down with 1200 grade and 2000 then mopped them with G3 and G10 and refitted the seals and rubbers

Looking alot better close up

Back on the car at the end of the day

Best bit of paint on the car IMHO. This will be the last bit of welding work and hopefully it should make it through the MOT now.  A little bit more painting will happen though, hopefully with the roof bar next.

Thanks for looking :)

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