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emo And so it begins..

23 May 2016 13:24 #26071

1992 Civic boss should fit, but they are slightly shorter so you may be able to see the steering column if you happen to be in just the right spot, looking through the windscreen (it's not obvious if you don't know it's there).

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26 May 2016 03:07 #26080

Thanks, I appreciate that!! :)

Today didnt go as well as I'd hoped it would.

Yesterday, I was turning it over for a while, and getting nothing. Then I found this little toggle switch that had been butchered into the dash, so I flicked it to 'on', and literally as soon as I did that I put the ignition on and the fuel pump primes the injectors. And leaked like hell, so I switched it off again and that was that, as I had no copper washers in the right sized for the banjo fitment on the fuel rail, which were missing.

Today, however.. Copper washers sorted and on the banjo, tried turning it, nothing. Flick that switch to 'on' and try again. The fan comes on. Nothing else. Fuel pump does nothing. So the switch that I had (I think understandably) assumed worked the fuel pump, actually works the rad fan. But the fan did nothing while I was playing with this switch yesterday. I know the pump isnt seized, as it primed the injectors yesterday, but doesnt work today.

Also worthy of a mention is yesterday the car beeped all the time the keys were in the ignition but the ignition wasnt on. Obviously a warning thing to not leave the keys in it. This is the only time it has done this, and also the only time the fuel pump has primed. Meaning that this must be related, and an electrical issue. And if theres one thing I hate its wiring. I havent touched any of the wiring, for multiple reasons. The main one being I have no wiring diagram for it, is there one available??

Has anyone experienced this kind of thing before? Know what its likely to be? Have any ideas at all?

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26 May 2016 11:54 #26082

It sounds to me like you have the remains of an alarm/immobiliser fitted, I had similar issues with my MX3. The little switch would be to put the system into .valet' mode so the car could be cleaned.
If this is the problem you'll get the fun and games of figuring out where they tapped into the system to fit the alarm and re-joining the wires to get rid of it.

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26 May 2016 19:26 #26083

It appears my last reply didnt load.. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it has an aftermarket alarm, which doesnt work. And I think it has an immobiliser thing close to the ignition (between where the ignition barrel and the steering wheel). there is a little pin like thing on the keys, which fits perfectly in the hole in the trim.

Poking this in has got me the 'key is still in ignition' warning beeping back, but sadly still no life from the fuel pump :(

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