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emo Ol Smokey Joe Plagues me

27 Jun 2012 11:11 #14613

Hi Folks

We have the blue smoke of doom lol, Which is more likley to be piston rings, anyone had any experience doing this themselves ie can it be done in a weekend or would it be better to do the whole thing and rebore etc as well?


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27 Jun 2012 12:17 #14614

i feel your pain brutha.  :lol: im pretty sure there isnt a beat in existance now that hasnt / isnt burning oil. the little suckas certainly like a crafty smoke.
is it doing it on over-run or all the time?
the common consensus seems to be that new valve stem seals are worth trying first, if not then its new rings or oversized piston time. you can buy a full top end gasket kit that has everything you need.
ours was rebuilt 4 years ago with new rings etc and sadly it didnt cure it. its now in pieces again with oversized pistons going in and diamond honing to the bores.
its a bit of a pig to get all the bits to do it as well, so probably enjoy it as is for the summer then pull it apart when the weather gets nasty?
on the plus side, theres lots of fun shiny bits you can buy to put into it when its apart  :P

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27 Jun 2012 12:57 #14616

When we did mine we had the bore re-honed and new rings. It took about 3 weeks because we had to strip the cylinder block bare and take it to a machine shop and then go pick it up when it was done. We also had to wait for Honda to get the rings from Japan.

Saying that we did the valves and springs before that because I had an injector burning a hole in my exhaust valve. So like Mike said might be worth doing some investigating first.

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