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emo Project Kujira: My Over-The-Top AZ-1 Build

05 Jan 2020 11:26 #27644

Do you have any pictures of how you modified the HT07 for the oil cooler/warmer? And do you know where one might source the water flange for that turbo (IIRC its wider than the stock RHB)

1989 Alto Works RS/R (F5B)
1989 Alto Works RS/R (F5B)
1991 Alto Works RS/R (F6A)

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13 Jan 2020 21:18 #27649

I don't have pictures of the compressor housing after because I had to keep grinding after I had installed the turbo, but this picture shows how much has to be ground off in order to clear the oil filter. My turbo arrived already modified for an F6A. I ground some more off before installing it and then ended up having to take off 3-4x as much again to get mine to clear. And I already checked. You cannot get smaller diameter oil filters.

Two things about coolant. First, mine came with the pipes from the Wagon R Wide. It requires some bending but it will of course work. Second, this turbo is not water cooled. Yes, it has a coolant port and as water lines going to it, but inlet and outlet are not separated and there are actually no coolant passages in the CHRA. Here are some pictures to show what I'm talking about. First, the RHB31.

Notice the separate inlet and outlet ports? Now here's the HT07-4A.

See how there's only one port that services both inlet and outlet? That means even if there was somewhere for the coolant to go, there wouldn't be any flow. But there isn't anywhere for the coolant to go because that's just a small hole that's completely closed off. Also you can see the different shape of the flanges. The proper way to do this would be to buy the Wagon R Wide pipe which appears to be part number 13919-75F51 but since the water cooling is ineffective on this turbo you could just skip it entirely. Loop the water lines on the car together so there is still coolant flow and leave the turbo to be oil cooled.

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13 Jan 2020 23:48 #27650

The best way to stop the HT-07 from fouling on the oil filter is to use the remote oil filter mount as fitted to the Suzuki cappuccino. Bolts straight on and you get the added bonus of being able to get at the filter a lot easier.

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