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emo Looking for a member called flxidon

23 Oct 2016 01:18 #26432

Hello, (fxlidon)

I got your name from Niclas Wendel, via the Kei Kars in the Park Facebook site.

My name is Brian and I live in the USA-State of Georgia and I actually own an AutoZam AZ1--In red. Car is lots of fun but I had a really sad incident with my car. I parked it under a tree in my yard and a branch fell off and hit my car and broke the windshield, side widow, etc.

So I am looking for glass for the car and of course there is none in the USA and it is very hard to find any in Japan-mostly as I do not speak or read Japanese. So if you can help me here I would really be happy.

Also I was told you have a copy (pdf) of the parts manual for the car and was wondering if you would feel like e-mailing that pdf file? Would really help me out a lot.

Thank you so much!

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28 Oct 2016 15:42 #26445

Hi Brian,

PM me your email address and I'll send you copy of the parts manual.

Sad news about your car - as mentioned in your other thread the only place to get parts is on the yahoo japan auction site. There are several 3rd party companies that will bid and ship for you or you could contact Jesse Streeter ( jessestreeter.com/ ) who will probably be able to help

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