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emo Headlight dimensions and other road legality issues

24 Mar 2016 20:20 #25857


I'm getting AZ-1 in near future to Finland to be registered as probably one of the few European AZ-1 for LHD markets, not going to try anything silly llke LHD conversion though.

But because I need to make the car road legal here, I need to make headlight conversion and add one rear fog light.

Looks like that the front headlights are ovals? Could someone take measurements of headlight vertical and horizontal diameter and rear light diameters for me, so I could try to find similar ECE approved replacements for my project. For getting rear lights ECE-approved, I can probably make use of trailer light kits, as long as I can find right diameter set.

What about the engine, does it have catalyzer and close loop o2 circuit as stock?

Also any sources for parts are welcome, as I'll probably need them soon enough. I heard Mazda might be supplying parts if you know what to ask for. Too bad these don't come with full shop manuals and parts diagrams :)

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28 Mar 2016 12:12 #25866

Most of the engine consumables are the same as the cappo or the alto works so there shouldn't be an issue getting parts there.

Brake pads are available from EBC Direct . Front and rear suspension and discs are the same as the front on the Alto Works. All the body panels ect. are unique to the AZ-1 and will need sourcing from japan although they do come up fairly regularly on yahoo auctions there.

I have an electronic (.pdf) copy of the parts manual although it's in Japanese, pm your email address and I'll send you a copy.

Yes the engine does have a catalyst and closed loop O2 circuit

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21 Jun 2016 18:17 #26147


Late answer but perhaps it will help anyway.

Great to hear that you wilI bring home a AZ-1. Most fun you can ever have :)
I imported my AZ-1 from UK to Sweden last spring. Great car and so much fun. The agility, lightness, sound, steering and how it makes other people smile – I´m so happy about the car.

AFAIK its the first, and so far, only AZ-1 in Sweden.

The headlights are ovals. For first registration in Sweden these need to be ECE-marked and for right side driving.

I bought a pair of ECE-marked universal round Hella H4 with parking, low- and high beam. Google Hella 1A3 996 162-071 for pictures and dimensions. I found them on a german site at less than half price compared to buying here in Sweden.

After removing the original lights I made adapters of aluminium plate to fit in the original adjusters. Measured very carefully to get the height right and then cut holes for mounting the lamps. See pictures

Rather straight forward but it took quite some time and measuring to get it right.

I did not change rear lights and indicators, they were original. Swedish Vehicle Inspection/MOT approved this.

In addition to the lamps I only needed purchase receipt, V5C and CoC from Mazda to make Bilprovningen/MOT happy.

After inspection I went back to original headlights again since they does look so much better. The car is so low that even though they are for LHD no one notices. Not one irritated blink from other drivers. Just thumbs up :)

When its time for annual inspection I´ll have to swap back the registration lights.

If you haven´t already bought one - good luck finding a car.


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03 Jan 2018 01:06 #26928

Wow it has been almost two years now! My AZ-1 is finally arriving in Finland this week, after I won my other hero car before AZ-1 (RX-7) and went on building that for a while until this unit was found.

Decided to go with these tiny 4.75" Bi-Led headlights as they should fit almost perfectly under Mazdaspeed style hood, which I am swapping on my AZ-1. Also allows me to remove "illegal" brown/yellow parking lights from bottom corners (wrong color)


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