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emo Wheel Studs Woes

26 Jan 2012 13:35 #12298

Took my front wheels off a couple of weeeks ago and found that one of the wheel studs had nearly sheared - just broke when I undid the bolt.

After a few bad nights waking up in a state of panic I needed to do something about this. It seems I'm not the first person this has happened to, there's a couple of posts on the japanese AZ-1 site about this happening - here's one of them ...and I was worried with one broken stud :wacko:

I took a different aproach to the guy in japan. Removed the studs then drilled and tapped the holes to M12x1.25

New studs now fitted - managed to find some thin lock nuts which just fitted on the back without interfering with the disc.
Before and after

And from the back

One of the rears fitted, complete with a new disc  :smile: (I hadn't got round to beating in the lock nut on the hub  when I took this, before someone asks)

Car is back together now and driving with no vibration from the front which I guess means I got it right  :lol:

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26 Jan 2012 20:23 #12299

Thanks for your advice. I am going to check my wheels also. I don' t use the Cara as much as you do. But last year I drove the 3000km Liege Brescia Liege rally. Perhaps this caused some damage to the studs too.
I keep you informed what I find.

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26 Jan 2012 22:56 #12300


Well done Don on doing a superb fix!

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