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emo HA11S HB11S HA21S HB21S - MPH speedo Conversion

21 Mar 2019 22:57 #27499

I've knocked up a quick speedo background to convert the 1994 to 1998 Alto Works to mph. See attachment.
It has been scaled correctly using an old speedometer background i had and read up to 95mph.

I've also made it so that the needle does not need to be removed, the hole in the middle is just the right size to be sneaked in.

You can print it yourself, but i would advise sending it to a printing company to print on transparent paper to avoid having to cut the windows for the trip and odometer.

Edit: When put in attachment the quality of the picture gets quite bad for some reason... So i've dropped it on a google drive

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22 Mar 2019 13:26 #27502

I can get rid of my piece of paper now then :side:

Side note - If you ever want to sell those wheels you were talking about yesterday, I'd be willing to give over the airbox and some cash ;)

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18 May 2019 11:51 #27537

If anyone imports the HA36 Works in the future, Lockwoodinternational can now make the faces in mph and it's excellent quality.

Only £60 too, obviously my car was the first so had to pay for the development too at £275. :woohoo:

Anyone who is sharp-eyed will noticed the original dial face is pressed so that they're beveled. The Lockwood one is completely flat but you really don't notice it in the car.

This is for MANUAL cars, it'll fit models with ASG but you won't see the gear indicator at the top of the LCD screen

Here's the link HA36S Works

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