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emo Ignition system

17 Mar 2019 18:16 #27486

Hey guys, me again.

I'm looking to renew the HT leads, dizzy cap, coil and spark plugs on my HA21s/K6a DOHC engine.

The only parts i'm struggling to find is the dizzy cap+points, coil and plugs.

There seem to be multiple choices for the spark plugs. I'm looking for a higher temp range than normal, because I would like to future proof it.

dizzy cap I can only find second hand and it's the same with the coil.

If anyone can shed some light on where to get these parts that would be smashing!


To save me making another thread, does anyone know where to get a full set of silicone boost hoses for this engine? Or is it a custom jobby?

Once again, thank you very much.

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18 Mar 2019 22:46 #27492

Hi Mate,

There are no "points" to worry about on this engine, it's a distributor with a toothed wheel and position sensor.

For the cap the only way is through Suzuki or to buy it from japan. I would advise to save your money and just clean the contacts with some sand paper. They don't seem to wear much. I have a decent used one if you need it.

For the rotor, it's the same as the K10A & K12A engines, so use one for a 1.0 or 1.2 1997-2000 UK spec Wagon R.

Spark plug wise, the stock recommended heat range is NGK 7 or Denso 22 . I run Denso ixu24 on mine (NGK 8 denso 24 range). you can also run ixu27 (NGK 9 denso 27 range) which are very common as used on various fiat.
For info, the higher the number the colder the plug. When boosting you want to go for colder plugs not hoter.

Quick tip for the HT leads, don't waste your money getting some from Suzuki or some NGK from japan. You can actually use some for a 1997-2000 UK spec Wagon r too. It's a 4 banger so just throw away the longest lead. They are only £20 for the set.

The cheapest place i've found to get these parts is through Autodoc.co.uk However it takes a few days to ship due to being sent from Germany.

I'm actually thinking about doing a post here lising all the equivalent parts available for these cars. I've found a bunch overtime.

For the hoses, I know Samco did a coolant hose kit for this car/engine sold in japan only, however don't know about boost hoses. But there is only 3. 2 straight couplers and 1 45deg. I've listed the sizes and length required somewhere , but that's easy enough to figure out.

Fun fact: I actually live 4 miles away from Samco's factory.

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19 Mar 2019 19:45 #27495

That's a lot of helpful info, thank you.

About listing the equivalent parts - That information would be absolutely golden!


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