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emo Car air conditioning DIY inspection

09 Oct 2014 09:21 #22790

According to mechanics expert introduction, in fact the car also like the human body, subsidy, we can regard it as one's own body, respiratory system, skin, etc. Be sure to check to. Take Suzuki as example.

Hope: line pipe is visual air conditioning system, various connectors and compressor oil seal place such as presence of oil.If there is oily be soiled it closes lax with refrigerant leakage.

Smell: open air conditioning, want to listen to the rotating speed of engine, if you have any change speed compressor clutch is working properly. Then to observe the operation condition of the refrigerant, if glass sight glass appear constantly bubbles and outlet is not cold, the refrigerant has a large number of leaks. If the glass sight glass appear stripes flow the oil mist refrigerants have all leakage.Q: the reason of the automobile air conditioning refrigeration is more, such as compressor magnetic clutch fault, electric control, belt creep, etc., in their diagnosis, to ask about the opinions of the experts.Cut: be a hand touch feeling air conditioning system of the surface of the pipe temperature difference.Touch the condenser outlet piping to the expansion valve entrance pipeline between pipe and components, temperature should be the same, if where temperature in there are block fault.Empty filter maintenance to timely car air filter equivalent to a person's nose, its purpose is to filter out the sand as well as some suspended particles in the air, make the engine work properly. General car air filter in 1 time, you want to change 20000 kilometers, 10000 kilometers to check the best spring 2000 km in just check once. Paint the maintenance cannot little

Spring because of the sand blown, there will be a lot of dust on the surface of car, it will take is easy to scratch the car paint, so this season to how to wax the car, sealing glaze, for car paint some more love.Should pay attention to when choosing a wax, the ordinary oil and solid wax because no adhesion, easy contamination (after a watermark, etc.) and paint scraped, brightness not lasting faults have been phased out, it is best to give the car a closure glaze or coating, can not only keep the paint lasting bright, also can protect the paint from the sand.

Don't forget to interior row poison

Owners rarely open a window ventilated breathe freely, general winter amassed a bacteria inside the car, the spring easy to breed bacteria, virus, so this season on the car a thorough disinfection, it is very necessary. Can give the steam sauna, reoccupy special interior cleaning agent for the console, door and other parts for cleaning and sanitation. To remind the owner of car interior trim and clean, use a neutral cleaning detergents, don't clean with containing the acid alkali substances.In addition, when cleaning should pay attention to avoid electrical equipment such as audio, radio, CD into the water and corrosion. Testing in the first spring outing last Spring is a good time to travel, mechanics expert reminds everybody, before a trip necessary testing should not be ignored, especially the SUV, more carefully.

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