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emo The trophies are ready - you have been warned!!!

08 Aug 2008 23:20 #226

Been busy designing the winners and runner up trophies so this is your final warning! They are here and ready to go, are you?


The categories are:

- Best Presented Honda Beat
- Runner-up Best Presented Honda Beat

- Best Presented Suzuki Cappuccino
- Runner-up Best Presented Suzuki Cappuccino

And most importantly...


Runner-up Best Presented Overall Kei Car

So whatever car you have whether it's strictly kei or not (so the Figaro's can join in if they attend) you all have an even greater chance of winning a personalised trophy. That does of course though exclude Citroen Ax's ha ha it has to be in the spirit of the Kei car.

And this time you can't all just blame me ha ha

Andy Cappo, and
TADO (TBC) are helping me judge the winners.

Andy will help me with the cappuccinos and Tado with the Beats, and then all 3 of us will choose our 2 favourite cars of the whole meet and eventually the better of the two.

I highly recommend the Meguires stuff, smells lovely  ;)

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