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01 Jun 2017 16:50 #26668

@fxdlidon, it looks like you're right. Here's a picture of the HA21S RS/Z shifter and pedal assemblies.

Of note are the two cables. One is obviously attached to the accelerator but the other one appears to fit into the groove in the clutch pedal. Cable clutch? Not what I wanted but it certainly makes things easier. The last cable clutch car that I drove was pretty miserable but at least I don't have to make brackets to mount a master cylinder, I guess.

Here's the HA21S RS/Z FWD manual transmission. Not my exact one, but the same part. The bar on the far left appears to be the shifter mechanism. Lots of places to bolt a bracket to and very simple twist and in-and-out motion to shift gears.

Because I can, I looked up the HA11S Works FWD manual transmission. This one came in the F6A powered Alto Works. It appears to be an identical unit to the AZ-1 transmission except that it also has the mechanical shifter instead of a cable shifter. Scouring a few parts websites I haven't found any AZ-1 transmissions to do a direct comparison, but I am wondering if I can use OEM parts to convert these transmissions back and forth between mechanical shifter and cable shifter. But like a lot of other things on this project, I will have to put off thinking about it until my car arrives in November. Until then, the focus is on building this new engine. At 120,000km, this engine will receive new everything serviceable. I need a rebuild kit that includes all of the gaskets and bearings and tensioners. I will be getting new pistons and liners for this engine, but I haven't yet found any rods. It seems as though the general consensus in Japan is that the OEM rods are sufficient to handle the extra power that people are throwing at them, but "sufficient" is not good enough to me.

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01 Jun 2017 17:18 #26670

I thought it would be a cable clutch, they all seem to be.
The operating mechanism for the AZ-1 clutch gearbox is on the top of the gearbox but there is a blanking plate on the HA22 box on the top in the same position so the swap may well be simple, you'll only know when you get the 2 transmissions together to compare but my guess is that you will be able to do the swap.
As for a clutch I wouldn't recommend the Suzuki sport one

...that was one track day at around 130bhp!
I never found one that was satasfactory but I never tried the Excedy paddle one - I've got a brand new one that I never fitted, it would need the Excedy high pressure pressure plate.

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03 Jun 2017 22:12 #26673

Well that picture is horrifying! I was actually thinking about the Monster Sport metal clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel just because it should be better suited to the torque that I will be making (and because I can order through Amazon), but options seem pretty limited. I see OS Gilken and Exedy clutches available for auction but haven't found much about them because it seems that neither list the F6A or K6A as an available application in their catalogs. I did see that the Exedy pressure plate has a little less clamping force than the Monster Sport one, but there's no info about actual torque ratings beyond Nengun's Monster Sport listing which says that their clutches were designed for 200ps. It doesn't specify which one or even if they're different.

Potentially good news with the transmissions. We shall see how that plays out.

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08 Aug 2017 14:51 #26740

I received a package yesterday.

I haven't had time to tear into it yet, but at least it is here now. I can start accumulating parts for it.

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15 Aug 2017 18:42 #26741

I figured that I should probably give a recollection on the fiasco that was the engine import process, so here it is from the beginning.

I contacted Trust to purchase the engine May 25th. After a series of incorrect invoices, I paid for the engine, transmission, and accessories May 28th. I was told on numerous occasions that Trust would arrange shipping to the US port but that I would be responsible for hiring a freight forwarder to handle US Customs and to ship it the rest of the way to me. I picked Philadelphia from a list of US international ports as the nearest to me and planned to handle Customs and transport from Philadelphia myself. Trust approved of this itinerary and told me that nothing else was needed from me until the package arrived in Philadelphia.

The engine shipped from Nagoya on June 22nd aboard the Bay Mountain Bridge vessel. I was able to look up the shipping schedule and found an ETA of July 19th. I also discovered that the package would be arriving in Los Angeles on July 5th where it would be unloaded and placed on a train. That train would be passing through Indianapolis 11 days later on its way to Philadelphia. I mentioned this observation to Trust who confirmed that they could have shipped it directly to Indianapolis for no additional cost (it would have actually been cheaper for them) but that it was too late to make changes to the shipping itinerary. It was again reiterated that nothing else was needed from me until the item arrived at the port.

Weeks later, I received an email from the shipping company informing me that the crate was on a train en route to Philadelphia and that it would arrive there Friday July 14th. I took that Thursday and Friday off of work and drove to Philadelphia, arriving at the Customs House Thursday at noon. I had already filled out a 7501 and 3520-1. I wasn’t aware of any other necessary documents aside from the Bill of Lading, original invoice, and packing slip that had been mailed to me by Trust back in June. I was there more than 24 hours early in case other forms were needed. The customs officer told me, however, that there was nothing that she could do with the completed paperwork until the crate was unloaded at the port the following day. She affirmed that I had the correct paperwork and gave some advice about how to fill out the sections that I had left blank.

I left, trying to enjoy Philadelphia, and called the receiving warehouse in the morning to check the engine’s status. I was told that it had not arrived at the warehouse and that the train had not yet been spotted at their checkpoint facility along the way, so I should call back Tuesday for another update. She affirmed that it would not arrive before then. So after a brief detour at Yuengling and Kennywood, I returned to Indianapolis empty-handed.

Knowing that I would not be able to take any more time off for travel, I began calling freight forwarders to handle shipment to Indianapolis. Knowing that I had been shipped original documents from Trust and knowing that freight forwarders would require these documents, I began calling freight forwarders in Indianapolis. Immediately, however, I ran into a problem. There were a grand total of zero freight forwarders in Indianapolis that were willing to handle personal shipments. Every single one of them said that they do commercial imports only. One suggested that I would have better luck calling around a larger port like Philadelphia and told me that they would not need original documents to file, so location is unimportant.

I immediately found a few companies in Philadelphia that would handle personal imports but ran into another, larger issue. Every import is required to have an accompanying Import Security Filing. And that is required to be submitted by the owner/importer (me) no less than 24 hours before the boat leaves the origin port, or almost a month prior to this discovery. The freight forwarders in Philadelphia were unable to help me because their insurance policies wouldn’t let them touch cases with missing paperwork like this. One suggested a larger company that might be able to handle it without exposing me to the risk of a $15,000 fine for a missing/late ISF.

Enter Paramount Transportation Systems, who happily picked up the case for the low low price of $1375 including shipping to my door. I gave them all of the documents that I had, including the filled out 7501 and EPA 3520-1 and waited. Before long, I received a forwarded email indicating that the customs broker assigned to my case had rejected the proposal. According to him, engines without an EPA certificate that are less than 21 years old cannot be imported into the US under any circumstances and that I would be responsible for any fees associated with destroying the shipment. Knowing that this was not the case, I provided examples of companies whose entire business is importing Japanese engines and had recent motors in stock. I had spent a fair amount of effort trying to figure out exactly how to file the paperwork for the EPA to do that and had not come up with anything, but only one item in the list of EPA exemptions applied to non-classic loose engines so the decision seemed easy enough. The customs broker didn’t buy it. He sent me what he thought was the phone number of an EPA employee and told me to ask him directly.

At this point I left for a two week business trip to the UK where I would be traveling without my personal phone. I had already called and left messages with several EPA employees and also with several JDM engine import companies, asking for advice with the import process and continued to make calls from my hotel room in England but never learned anything new. I provided regular updates on the lack of progress to my representative at PTS who forwarded them all on to the customs broker.

The engine arrived July 24th and, after I paid an additional $500 in dock and shipping fees, was ready for pickup Tuesday the 25th. I contacted PTS asking if any progress had been made on their end. After all, handling the customs documentation is what I’m paying them to do. Thursday afternoon they get back to me saying that they had not done anything with the paperwork that I had submitted to them. They would submit whatever documents that I provided but would list me as the importer so that I would be directly responsible for any fines or delays that came as a result of incorrectly populated paperwork. I told them to submit the paperwork that I had given them two weeks prior, and they did Friday morning. The paperwork was approved by Friday afternoon and was scheduled to be picked up Monday, the last day of storage offered by the port. If they missed that pickup date, the port would start fining me and wouldn’t release the crate until those fines were paid.

I hadn’t heard anything else on the subject until Wednesday when I contacted PTS. The shipper was supposed to have contacted me to schedule delivery as soon as the package was picked up. PTS said that delivery would be Thursday but they would call the trucker and have him confirm. I reiterated that I was out of the country and could try to have someone sign for the delivery but that it would be difficult. I was told that the shipping company could store the engine until I got back on Monday but that there would be an additional fee. The shipping company called my boyfriend, who didn’t want to be bothered with my package and scheduled delivery for Monday between 9 and 1 so that I could accept it myself. I was furious.

The package was delivered at 8:10 Monday morning. The engine is too small to fit on my engine stand so I had to make modifications to the stand. The engine was finally mounted on Sunday.

All in, I spent $4593 to acquire this $500 engine, $600 transmission, and $200 in engine ancillaries. And the engine’s harness had been cut out. And the ignition coils and spark plugs also weren’t included. Nor was the vehicle speed sensor. According to PTS, $900 of their fee was transportation from Philadelphia and wouldn't apply to future imports assuming that I pick the correct port next time. Although technically $1320 of their $1375 fee wouldn't apply since I wouldn't need a freight forwarder at all and I only need $55 to submit the ISF on time.

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